Premiere Night 2002

Darrin Hoover embarked on the life of an artist at the tender age of three. With great attention, the young Hoover gripped tightly his oversized crayon and scrawled the black triangular checks on the orange robe worn by the figure in his preadolscent masterwork. Pleased with his effort, he did what any post-toddler would do. He proudly presented his creation to...Mom!

The standard Mom answer she prepared to give-"That's beautiful, Sweetheart...I'll keep it forever"-was replaced with shock. Instantly, she recognized the sixties TV star and uttered, "Oh my Gosh, that's...Fred Flintstone."

P.S. She kept it forever.

WHIM-ZE is Hoover's top-selling collection which utilizes a mix of media featuring beautifully designed compositions with interesting subjects, vibrant color, a pinch of nostalgia, and a lot fun. Hoover remarks,"...This line is fun, people smile when they look at it, and I like that."

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